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Lost River RV
                                                        PARK GUIDELINES

All resident(s) and/or overnight guests must be properly registered with fees paid.
Registration for monthly rates require a $150 security deposit. You may move or cancel registration at any time. We may cancel your stay at any time for any reason. Up to 3 days free rent from the reservation date until arrival is allowed when the park is full. More may be negotiated when we have more than 5 sites available.
Weekly/ Monthly rents are due on the same day each week or month that you registered.
Reminders are placed in the mail slot in the mail room prior to the due date.  
Rents not paid on or by noon following due dates will be increased by a $25 late charge. After 3 days utilities are disconnected. After five days RV and/or Vehicles will be towed to auxiliary parking and held for payment.
Refunds require that all fees, fines, rent and electric be paid in full and refund check picked up prior to leaving the park. A three day written notice is required or up to 3 days daily rent rate will be charged. Refunds will be computed on a daily or weekly rate basis if your stay is shorter than one month. 
Electricity, water, septic, WI/FI, garbage, park lighting, grounds care and maintenance of all infra structure are provided for a sum equal to 13 cents per KWH of your electrical consumption.
Subletting is not allowed.

ROADS: Speed limit is 7 MPH. Use of 4-Wheeleers or ATV’s within the park is prohibited. 

RV’s & RV Spaces:  
RV’s must be less than 10 years old or approved by management
All systems must be working with no tarps or unfinished repairs
RV’s kept clean (water is free) in good condition and moveable. Damage and/or system failures must be corrected quickly.  
Sites are to be neat, clean and uncluttered. Keep hoses, and power cords as close to the RV as possible. Grills, chairs, tables & etc. must be stored under or folded & placed next to the RV.  
Trash must be bagged and placed in dumpsters daily. No food is to be left on grounds. Failure to comply will result in a $5 charge for each occurrence we have to clean or straighten.  
Any added appurtenances must be approved by management. Pallets cannot be used as decks

VEHICLES: Each site is allowed one vehicle pass. A second pass at the RV site may be cleared with management and issued. Third vehicle parking must be requested, assigned by management and issued a pass. A fee may be charged. DO NOT PARK IN OR BLOCK A SPACE OTHER THAN YOURS. Your vehicle may be towed at your expense. 

PETS: RV sites are allowed a maximum of 2 dogs or cats which must be registered with the park office with a $25 fee and have picture taken with their owner. Owners must provide proof of vaccination. When outside Dogs must be leashed. Dogs cannot be tied, chained or penned unattended outside of the RV. Pets must be fed inside. Failure to have necessary bag or scoop will result in a fine! $5.00 if you clean up, $20 if we clean. Dogs cannot be penned or tied outside unattended or be allowed to roam. Fines of $25 to $50 or ejection will apply. Separate rules apply to the dog parks 

RV SERVICE CONNECTIONS: Septic and water connections must be leak free with hoses orderly on the RV pads or routed under the RV. Electrical problems are to be reported to the office and staff will respond. All RV’s are required to be self-contained as there are no shower facilities provided. DO NOT FLUSH RAGS, DIAPERS, WIPES, KOTEX, TAMPONS, PAPER TOWELS, COOKING OIL OR GREASE DOWN SEWERS  
CONDUCT: Residents are responsible for supervising the conduct and activities of their children and guests to maintain compliance with park guidelines. Fighting, loud music, sub woofers, offensive language or other disturbances will not be tolerated. Quiet time is 9 PM to 7 AM. Residents and guests are to be fully clothed when outside their RV’s.  

The park river shorelines and ravines are steep. The edges may crumble or cave in.  
Dangerous or aggressive wildlife such as alligators, poisonous snakes, and or raccoons or wild hogs may be present.  
Swimming is prohibited due to the hazards. 
Green areas are for your enjoyment but caution must be taken. Use them at your own risk.

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